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23/12/2013 Notice of AGM 23122013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
23/12/2013 Form of Proxy - Annual General Meeting  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
23/12/2013 Form of Instruction - Annual General Meeting.  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
23/12/2013 Circular for Annual General Meeting  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
19/12/2013 Annual Report 2013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
18/12/2013 Results for the Twelve Months Ended 30 June 2013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
17/10/2013 Changes to the Board 17102013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
04/10/2013 Investment Update 04102013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
29/08/2013 Participation in GCM Resources Placing  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
15/08/2013 Filing of NI 43-101 Technical Report  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
09/07/2013 Net Asset Value(s) 09072013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
02/07/2013 Changes to the Board 02072013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
02/07/2013 Holding in the Company 02072013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
01/07/2013 Nimini Holdings Limited Announces Updated Mineral Resource Estimate for The Komahun Gold Project In Sierra Leone  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
27/06/2013 GCM Resources plc - Board Changes  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
24/06/2013 Signet Petroleum Ltd - Investment Update  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
28/05/2013 Nimini Holdings Limited Announces Further Drilling Results and Exploration Update for its Gold Project in Sierra Leone  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
14/05/2013 Appointment of Executive Co-Chairman & Managing Director  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
14/05/2013 Mettiz Capital Ltd becomes Largest Shareholder  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
24/04/2013 Nimini Holdings Limited ("Nimini") Announces Drilling Results and Exploration Update for its Gold Project in Sierra Leone  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
05/04/2013 Listing on Bermuda Stock Exchange, Voluntary TSX delisting  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
04/04/2013 Net Asset Valuation 04042013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
02/04/2013 Directorate Change 02042013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
28/03/2013 Directorate Change 28032013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
15/03/2013 Update on Nimini Gold Project in Sierra Leone  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
15/03/2013 Variation of Terms of Director and Management Options Following Consolidatio  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
13/03/2013 Interim Results for the six months ended 31 December 2012  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
02/02/2013 Total Voting Rights 02022013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
31/01/2013 Share Consolidation  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
30/01/2013 Result of AGM 30012013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
22/01/2013 Update on GCM Holding 22012013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
15/01/2013 Net Asset Value(s) 15012013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
10/01/2013 Holdings in Company 10012013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
10/01/2013 Nimini update on Komahun gold project  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
08/01/2013 Addendum to AGM Notice  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
08/01/2013 Ammendment to Notice of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
04/01/2013 Total Voting Rights 04012013  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
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