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24/12/2008 Notice of AGM  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
24/12/2008 AGM Circular  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
23/12/2008 Final Results for the 12 Months Ended 30 June 2008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
17/12/2008 Ereen Mine Update.  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
11/12/2008 Interests in shares 11122008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
17/11/2008 Holding(s) in Company 17112008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
12/11/2008 Holding(s) in Company 12112008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
11/11/2008 Holding(s) in Company 11112008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
27/10/2008 Operations Update  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
10/10/2008 Holding(s) in Company 10102008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
06/10/2008 Interests in Shares 06102008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
06/10/2008 Interests in shares.  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
29/09/2008 South Gobi drilling results  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
25/09/2008 Directorate Change  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
18/09/2008 Holding(s) in Company 18092008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
17/09/2008 Holding(s) in Company 17092008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
03/09/2008 Holding(s) in Company 03092008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
02/09/2008 Drilling Report  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
19/08/2008 Exploration Update  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
15/08/2008 Exploration Update.  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
29/07/2008 Ereen Mine Update  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
09/07/2008 Production to commence at Ereen Coal Mine in Mongolia  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
08/07/2008 Drilling Commences on Hud Coal Project  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
07/07/2008 Positive Initial Results from Union Coal Mine Drill Programme  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
02/07/2008 Commencement of Drill Program  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
02/07/2008 Holding(s) in Company 02072008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
01/07/2008 Completion of 54 Drill Hole Programme at the Union and Ereen Coal Mines in Mongolia  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
01/07/2008 Total Voting Rights  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
30/06/2008 Exploration Update  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
20/06/2008 Directors' Shareholdings  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
13/06/2008 Acquisition of further coal and uranium licences in Mongolia  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
12/06/2008 New Licenses Acquired  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
12/06/2008 Update re: Statement Regarding GCM Resources plc  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
11/06/2008 Interests in Shares  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
05/06/2008 Holding(s) in Company 05062008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
03/06/2008 Result of EGM.  html icon
02/06/2008 Results of Cash Placing.  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
30/05/2008 Placing Announcement  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
29/05/2008 Increase in Mongolian licence  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
23/05/2008 Interim Report for the period ended 31 March 2008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
19/05/2008 Preliminary Approach to GCM Resources  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
19/05/2008 Holding(s) in Company 19052008  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
16/05/2008 Notice of Meeting of Shareholders  html icon
15/05/2008 Option to Acquire Interest in Australian Coal Exploration Licence  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
14/05/2008 Board Appointment  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
13/05/2008 Holding (s) in Company  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
16/04/2008 Holding(s) in Company.  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
16/04/2008 Change of Year End  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
20/03/2008 TR1 Notification.  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
13/03/2008 Results of Cash Placing  html icon
13/03/2008 TR1 Notification  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
29/02/2008 Result of EGM  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
25/02/2008 Directors' Shareholdings  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
25/02/2008 Holding(s) in Company  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
20/02/2008 Admission Document Published  pdf icon (301KB PDF)
11/02/2008 Changes to the Board  html icon
01/02/2008 Placing  html icon
01/02/2008 Acquisition  html icon
31/01/2008 Change to the NOMAD register  html icon
31/01/2008 Board Appointments  html icon
11/01/2008 Substantial Shareholder  html icon
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